Iā€™m Richard C. (Rick) Gerkin, Ph.D., a neuroscientist and scientific software developer at Arizona State University.

My interests and goals are:

  • Neuroinformatics and promoting efficient use of neurophysiology data.
  • Creating and sharing reproducible, extensible neurophysiology models.
  • Solving the stimulus-percept problem in human olfaction.
  • Using statistical models and machine learning to improve disease prediction.

Software projects I manage:

  • SciDash, a software infrastructure for data-driven validation of scientific models, consisting of:
    • The SciUnit package, a python framework for domain-independent model validation.
    • The NeuronUnit library for testing neurophysiology models against experimental data.
  • Pyrfume, a project to discover and analyze olfactory psychophysics data.
  • Recording Artist, an acquisition and analysis suite for use with Igor Pro.